How to transform your data?

You can transform your data with Ideata using the following steps:

Step 1: When you create a new connection, you will get to Preview Screen.

Step 2: On preview screen, select the column in which you want to transform your data and click on down arrow.

Step 3: From drop down list select "transform" from transformation section. It will open a pop up for transforming data

Step 4: Fill the required details as listed below and click "Apply"

  • Right side text box: The value you want to transform (source)

  • Left side text box: The value you want to transform in to (destination)

  • Add Condition: If you want a conditional transform you can add conditions by clicking on this button.

  • Case Insensitive: Checking this will make your input case-insensitive while processing.

Step 5: Once you click on "Apply", the system will apply the transform operation on data considering the features selected and data will be transformed accordingly.