Getting Started With Data Preparation

Ideata analytics' data preparation interface allows data analysts, data scientists, and other domain experts to cleanse, transform and enrich datasets using a simplistic web based tool. You can connect to your data source of choice and using Ideata you can build your data workflows to perform a number preparing your data present in a number of supported data sources.

Once you have created your dataset, you will be shown a sample of your data on the data preparation page. Using the interface, you can build your data cleaning and transformation script and workflows.

Using the data preparation interface, you can accomplish the following tasks:

  • Perform data cleaning to remove invalid, inaccurate and missing values

  • Apply transformations in your dataset to standardize it and meet your target data schema

  • Enrich your data using lookups and joins with data from other datasets

  • Export prepared dataset to be used in your downstream applications and systems

Follow the guide to understand the key capabilities of the application.