How to use advanced formula?

Advance formula allows you to apply various mathematical operations like sum, multiply, concatenate etc on the data columns to create new resultant columns. Ideata analytics allows you to perform this advance formulas from the data preparation interface.

Using the left top panel on the data preparation interface, click on the Advance formula button:

When you click on "Advance Formula" button on the top panel, a pop up appears containing all the advanced formulas like : subtraction, multiplication, addition, trigonometric functions like : cos, tan,exponents, floor,square root and many more mathematical operations.

You need to supply the parameters(column names) on which the operation has to be performed. After clicking on validate, your selection of operation over the columns is actually validated, in other words it checks whether the columns under selection are eligible for the operation or not.

Once validated, Click on "Apply", to obtain the operational result. The result appears as a new column named - " formula " on the rightmost side of the dataset.