How to create step chart?

Step charts show changes that happen occasionally. It connects different datapoints with straight lines such that they form rectangular step sections.

Ideata Analytics provides capabilty to create step chart on analysis screen. The steps to create step chart are as follow -

Step 1: Open the datasource which you want to visualize by clicking on its name on connect screen. It will be redirect to analyze screen

Step 2: You will see the columns listed in the left panel in analyze tab of the selected datasources.

Step 3: In top panel, in chart options select the chart which you want to make from chart list. Here select Step chart.

Step 4: Drag and drop required columns in to rows,columns, color which you want to visualize. Below is its significance -

  • Dimension(X-axis) - column will be plotted on x axis

  • What to measure(Y-axis) - by default count of columns will be plotted on y axis

  • Group-By - data will be group by the column and will be shown in different colors

Step 5: Step chart will be created respectively in the chart area which can be saved or exported.