Welcome to Ideata analytics

Ideata analytics provides a unified analytics platform which help organizations to integrate their disparate data sources into a unified platform, perform data preparation with zero-coding and find and share insights using drag-n-drop self service analytics and dashboarding engine.

This documentation provides a overview of all the features which are currently available in the application. Users can refer to this documentation to understand the basics of working with Ideata analytics and to leverage them to drive their data analytics cycles.

Following are some highlights of what Ideata analytics offers:

Ingest and analyze your data at scale

With the power of Apache Spark, Ideata analytics gives users the ability to source and analyze billions on data points in seconds. With out of box support for leading warehousing solutions on cloud and on-premise organizations can chose the technology that fits their business problem.

Ideata currently supports Amazon Redshift, Google Big Query, MS SQL Server databases, PostgreSQL as data warehousing solutions and all major Hadoop distributions including HDP, CDH, Amazon EMR, Microsoft HD Insights, IBM Big Insights,Google Dataproc and open source Hadoop and Spark distributions

Clean and prepare like a pro

With Ideata analytics suggestive data cleaning and enrichment, you can perform data integration and transformation on your data with zero coding. With over 250 supported transformation and enrichment operators, business users can build data workflows without any help from IT teams.

Analytics which business users can drive

Simplistic drag and drop interface provides powerful visualization and interactive dashboarding capabilities empowers users to perform self service data analysis. With more than 15 supported chart types, and 50+ operations and functions, users can build the right visualization for their needs and save and share the the team. WIth interactive dashboards, business users can visualize key business metrics and slice and dice them to reach to insights