how to do a lookup on a column?

When you want to lookup one column from another dataset that you have imported, you can use the lookup function. Following is how to use it:

Step 1: When you create a new connection, you will get to Preview Screen.

Step 2: On preview screen, select the column in which you want to do lookup and click on down arrow.

Step 3: From drop down list select "lookup" from "join" section. It will open a pop up for lookup.

Step 4: Fill the required details as listed below and click "Apply"

  • Datasource List : The list of already created datasources from which you can do a lookup

  • Select lookup Column: select the column on which you want to do lookup

  • Select lookup Value : select the value which you want to get from the lookup
  • Lookup Column Name : name of the new column which is created

Step 5: Once you click on Apply, the system will apply the lookup and fetch data from the table which you selected and will create a new column with the looked up values