How to replace something in data?

When working with textual data, you would wnat to replace text in the data with another text. This can be done using the replace operation. Following are the steps:

Step 1: When you create a new connection, you will get to Preview Screen.

Step 2: On preview screen, select the column in which you want to replace something and click on down arrow.

Step 3: Click on "replace values" from the drop down list in transformation section. It will open up a pop up window for replace

Step 4: Fill the required details as listed below and click "Apply"

  • Right side text box : The value you want to transform (source)

  • Left side text box: The value you want to transform in to (destination)

  • Add Condition : If you want a conditional transform you can add conditions by clicking on this button.

  • Case Insensitive : Checking this will make your input case-insensitive while processing.

Step 5: Once you click on "Apply", the system will apply the replace operation on data considering the features selected and data will be replaces accordingly.