Connect to Hadoop

From the connect page, click on add new connection button ("+" button) to add a new datasource.

Click on "Hadoop" from big data section in the list of datasources

Provide required details listed below to connect to your hadoop cluster:

  • Dataset name - Name for the data source connection you want to give
  • Dataset Tags - Tags you wish to associate with respective datasource
  • Hostname or IP Address - Specify the host name or IP Address of the Hadoop cluster name node
  • Port - Specify the port on which Hadoop is available. Ex (8020,9000 etc.)
  • File Location: Specify the file\/folder location from where you want Ideata to read the file. In case of scheduled jobs, Ideata will scan the provided folder \/ file location to read any newly added files for imports
  • File type - Select your file type from the drop down. Ideata currently supports reading delimited, log or JSON file types. For the selected file type, you need to specify its specific details for Ideata to parse and process it.

Once you click on Validate, the appllication will validate the configuration provided and will take you to preview data screen.